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From craft branding solutions to logo design, typography, and visual elements, we ensure your brand stands out.
Brand Design
From custom animations to captivating motion graphics, we turn your concepts into impactful visuals.
Animation & Motion Graphics
From dynamic visuals to viral social campaigns, we craft the ammunition your brand needs to conquer social media Our creative assault on social media ensures your brand's message is not just seen, but remembered and acted upon
From creating engaging videos to driving viral success, we captivate audiences and inspire sharing.
Educational and Viral Videos
From visually appealing designs to user-friendly interfaces, we create websites that reflect your brand's identity and values.
Web Design
Boost Tinkoff Bank's online presence, educate new audiences about its innovative features and benefits, build brand trust, focusing on the Russian market.
• Collaboration with top YouTube influencers tailored to the Russian market.
• Native integration of advertising materials to create brand trust.
• Long-term strategy including audience retargeting.
• Educative approach on product's special features.
17 M
Total views and substantial engagement
Tinkoff Bank Campaign
Growth on Google Trends
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Tinder App Campaign
Amplify Tinder's brand presence and user engagement in Russia from February 2019 - February 2022, focusing on personal experiences and benefits relayed by popular influencers.
• Partnered with influencers across YouTube and Instagram to disseminate relatable Tinder success stories.
• Integrated native advertising materials to cultivate authenticity and reinforce brand trust.
• Leveraged educative and anecdotal content to mirror real-life Tinder experiences, resonating with diverse audience segments.
5.5 M
Total Views (YouTube & Instagram)
271 k
Total Clicks (YouTube & Instagram)
Increase in search interest, popularity and awareness
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Barrett Sotheby’s Campaign
Barrett Sotheby’s the International Realtor measured that their real estate website was converting 1,5% of their web traffic and 98,5% was remaining anonymous. Our goal was to increase engagement metrics and generate more leads to the website.
• Adding engaging Video Content on the homepage and shooting branded videos for social media.
• Google Adwords and Social Ads campaigns were built to create awareness and engagement.
• Updating existing blogs by adding relevant CTAs.
• Email campaign to maintain engagement featuring blogs, design inspiration and video stories.
• Added location-specific pages with relevant content and improved search engine visibility.
+150 M
Media impressions
Conversion Rate increase (from 1,5% up to 4,5%)
Increase in Qualified Leads
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AURABOX Campaign
A small startup from Russia that has come up with sexually-tinged card games for couples. The game allows the user to uncover the facets of sexuality step by step to discover themselves and their partner through sensual scenarios.
• Developed product branding and new card design.
• Prepared a huge set of illustrations for each scenario.
• Made packaging design for different categories and levels of the game.
• Developed a gamified website with comic book mechanics and an online store.
• Set up end-to-end analytics and attracted traffic from contextual advertising.
• Placed on the largest marketplaces and doubled the prices.
180 k
Kits sold. Most popular adult game on largest marketplaces
Sales growth in first two months
Growth of the company's profit in the first year
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